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Why Hello!

So, my brother has this fish tank. I got him to get two guppies (my…


Reach up for the Sunrise

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Dolphin Sunset
So, my brother has this fish tank.

I got him to get two guppies (my favortite, next to Mollies). One of the reason's I like them so much (next to the colors, lol) is that they have about a billion babies. I mean... I can remeber, being 5, and our big Black Molly gave birth in the middle of the night. I was amazed.

So, my brother's guppy gave birth a day or two ago. We think it happened while we were out, because we went to feed them, and we happened to notice (thank god) this one, tiny baby in the plastic bushes. It was the only one we could find, so either the guppy only had one, or the others got eaten. I hope it's the first, but I highly doubt that.

Anyway, so now there is this little fish in the nursery net we have.

It is litterally this >____< big. It's eyes are atleast half of it's body, and it is almost see-through. It seems to be turning blue, so it's taking after it's mother.

Isn't that just... I don't know. Amazing. Wonderful. Even fish got to start somewhere, right? Circle of life, all the way (minus the fish-tank, of course).
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